Best Treasure “Box” Ever

Treasure boxes are somewhat of a hot topic in the education world. Should you have one? Should you not? Shouldn’t kids just be expected to follow the rules without reward? Well, yeah, they should, but does that always happen? Nope. At least, not at my school. We are in a very low socioeconomic area and while that doesn’t always mean that there will be behavior problems to deal with,  they do happen. My school also has what we call an EBD program for children who have behavioral disabilities. The treasure box in my room has saved me countless times and is a quick and easy way to get kids back on track without giving them the negative attention they are craving. Plus, some of these kids rarely get gifts or rewards so why not let them bask in the glory that is the treasure box?

It’s a simple concept for me: Good behavior=progress, therefore, good behaviors=reward.

That’s not to say I just dole out trips to the treasure box like Oprah doles out cars, oh no. It takes 10 sessions of good behavior to make that coveted trip, which is documented by a punch card system. If you’re not behaving, you don’t get a hole punch, which means an even longer wait for the treasure.

hole punch

I bought these reward cards from an online printing website a few years ago. A box of 500 was ~$20.00 and I still have a fourth of a box left. I just store them by group in this handy little box I found at Walmart around back-to-school time.

Obviously, by the time kids get to go to the treasure box they are beyond excited and at the beginning of last year, trip to the treasure were TERRIBLE. It took roughly 5-7 minutes for each kid to sort through the mess of items in my Rubbermaid container and, in speech time, that’s FOREVER. I came up with a simple idea to make trips to the treasure box a lot more organized and a LOT quicker.

Introducing…treasure box

The TREASURE BAG. It’s not necessarily ground breaking but it saves SO. MUCH. TIME. It’s easy to look at and see what choices the kids have and it’s a space saver. Win-Win.

I bought the on the door shoe organizer at Walmart for $10 and with a couple of Command Hooks, this puppy was up and ready in a flash. As you can see, I don’t have high dollar items in here; some candy, Target Dollar Spot items, crayons, bubbles, stickers, wipe off tattoos, erasers, pencils etc. This has cut the treasure box time in half. Actually, in 3/4ths. It’s on the way out the door so as the kids are lining up, they walk by and make their choice.

Pretty nifty, huh? Do you have a reward system? How do you organize your treasure box? Let us know in the comments!

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