“Bye, old speech homework!”

Peace out to hw

Let’s face it- when kids are getting hours worth of homework sent home daily, speech and language homework just isn’t going to get done. Should it? Of course. Home practice of skills learned in the speech room is crucial to increasing carryover and generalization in every day life. But does this happen? Not always. That’s why I’m DONE. Because, honestly, if I waste another minute preparing homework sheets for every student on my caseload and not getting a single one back, I. Will. Cry.

Here’s why I’m ditching tradition homework this year:

  1. I’m tired. I am so tired. We have a lot to do everyday- therapy sessions, planning, creating materials and activities, data collection, IEP prep, IEP meetings, RTI, duties, and medicaid billing (UGH). With a to do list a mile long, I can’t waste any more time hunting for, prepping, printing, and handing out speech homework. Especially when there is no return on my investment. Which brings me to me next point…
  2. My students are tired. These kids go to school for 6+ hours a day, take the bus trip (or walk or ride), home, some have extracurricular activities, and some don’t get picked up from school or their daycare program until after 5:00pm. Why would I pile worksheets on them on top of all of the other homework they have to complete? I have a 6-year-old and between the trip home, after school snack, regular homework, reading, dinner, bath time, and bed time routine, I just can’t, or don’t want to, do anything else. If I got a worksheet sent home that didn’t count as a grade, I wouldn’t do it either.
  3. I waste SO MUCH PAPER. And INK. Lets do some simple math: an average (and I know some of us have more than this) of 50 students, twice a week, for roughly 40 weeks is 400 worksheets to print.

and for that reason

I’ve decided to try something different this year; a homework calendar that allows for quick and easy practice without paper and a pencil.

HW calendars 3

These homework calendars are so easy to use. I just print one off for the month, write in the days of the month (they are reusable year by year), and make copies for the kids on my caseload. They can be easily kept on the fridge so they don’t get lost and the activities are made to take less than 10 minutes a day. I could totally do 10 minutes during bath time or dinner. A variety of language tasks are included such as categories, describing, wh questions, sequencing, etc. There’s even a parent resource section on the left to give parents reading strategies, online resources for books, a guide for describing, and more to ensure my kids have accurate practice (because what’s the point otherwise?!).

So far, I’ve had great responses and a majority of my students are telling me that they DID do their homework, Can I know for sure that they are practicing? No. But it sure beats all the prep work I did before.

Grab a FREE version of the September Language Homework Calendar HERE and try it for yourself. Maybe this is the start of a revolution?

Speech, Teach, and Love,


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